• Amazing Hair Results

    Taking care of curly hair has a unique set of difficulties. The shape of the hair makes it difficult for the body's oils to travel from the scalp to the ends of the hair, which often leaves curly hair dehydrated and frizzy. LEIANI's Cashmere Leave In Spray is simply amazing for curly hair - both untreated and straightened with a blowdryer. This hair spray contains hydrolyzed wheat protein and castor oil to help smooth and condition the hair follicles.

    I use this product myself, either for keeping my curls alive or for adding a thick, silky sheen to my straightened locks!

    To use this product, spray a small amount to your still-damp hair after washing. Apply the spray from the bottom up, and comb through. The spray will also help detangle any knots. Finally, just let it dry naturally for a curly look, or blow dry it as needed.

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