• pH Levels and the Face


    At LEIANI Naturals we understand the importance of skincare, especially for the skin on our faces! Our facial cleanser has a lotion texture, which is completely free of harmful chemicals. Most foaming cleansers contain harmful sulfates, such as ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium doclecyl sulfate. These sulfates dry out the skin and alter its pH level. Our products contain all-natural ingredients that help restore pH balance to the skin, such as aloe, rooibos, green tea, olive oil, and neem seed oil, to name a few. Our products clean your skin while leaving it smooth and soft. The teas inside contain powerful antioxidants that help fight bacteria.

    Our facial toner is also a pH-balancing product. It contains fruit extracts of orange, lemon, bilberry and cranberry, that are all rich in Vitamin C. These ingredients, along with the aloe and sugar cane, fight free radicals, making for a perfect and balanced skincare regimen.

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