• So, What Does Aromatherapy Really Mean?

    At the mention of aromatherapy, most people just think of 'things that smell good'. Until I was educated in aromatherapy, I was much the same way. However, Aromatherapy is a science, a therapeutical science that investigates each plant's essential oil. Plants contain hundreds of individual biochemical components, and each component has certain characteristics that can be used as tools for natural healing and wellness. Essential oils are potent oils. Creating your own blends of essential oils safely requires training, and consideration of the dosage recommendations, dilution ratios and potential contraindications unique to each person. Without knowledge of the chemistry behind essential oils use, it is important to seek advice from a trained and certified aromatherapist.

    Many products available in stores claim to have aromatherapeutic benefits, however these products are often 'synthetic' aromatherapy products which have few health benefits. Authentic aromatherapy products are a cut above, produced with the correct doses of therapeutic essential oils and knowledge of the unique biochemical properties of the plants and how they affect the general public.

    LEIANI is proud to produce high quality aromatherapy products. Each of our products is the result of study at the American College of Healthcare Sciences. Extensive training in methods of use, dilutions for skincare, and the properties of the plants inspires the creation of each of our products. We encourage the safe use of authentic aromatherapy products.

    It is important to learn where your skin and aromatherapy products come from. Learn more about each product available at LEIANI on its individual product page. 

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