• Step By Step - Using our Roll Ons

    I founded my company in order to share my therapeutic blends of essential oils along with other aromatherapy and bodycare products. Today I'll be talking about how to use our Roll Ons safely! Therapeutic oils are highly concentrated, and can be dangerous if they are used undiluted. LEIANI produces ten aromatherapy Roll Ons that are all diluted to be used correctly and safely. To apply our holistic aromatherapy Roll Ons, first shake the bottle to mix the essential oils evenly. Then, simply roll it onto your pulse points, such as your wrist, as shown above. 

    You can also apply the Roll On behind the ears or neck. If you use the TENSION, MOODY or SNOOZE Roll ons, you can even roll them on your forehead.   Aromatherapists study specific dilution rates that are effective for the general public, and ensure the quality and purity of the essential oils. These steps guarantee the therapeutic quality of the product, which I will discuss in another post! LEIANI takes pride in making sure that each of our products is safe for use. We carefully label all of the ingredients, and ask that anyone with allergies to any natural botanicals or oils take care to check our products before using them.  Always consult a physician if you think you may have any contraindications, which are reasons why certain products may not be good for you.

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