• Do you or somebody you know need to RELAX?

    Who doesn't need to relax in these cold winter, short days?  With the fast-paced momentum of life, at the end of the day, we all need relaxation!!!  Aromatherapy can help us with that.  We use essential oils in our RELAX line that enhance emotional well-being.  The most important benefit of aromatherapy is stress relief, and of course many other issues, but relaxation is so important for our soul.


    We blend essential oils together that have properties to create a well-balanced synergy, but also a pleasing aroma, so as you inhale these aromas, the oils are entering your nervous system and brain through your nostrils to your olfactory nerve center system and these aromas encourage different types of moods.  Also, the therapeutic properties in the essential oils actually go into our blood stream to help the healing process.

    Here are some healing properties of the oils we use in RELAX Roll-On Oil and Aromatherapy Soap:

    LAVENDER-Brings deep relaxation.

    LEMON-Lifts dark moods & helps with zest for life.

    MANDARIN-Promotes a sense of ease.

    ROSEWOOD-Fortifies immune system.

    SWEET ORANGE-Alleviates anxiety and insomnia.

    Use our soap in shower, bath or to wash your face after a hard day.

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