• Dittany, my discovery in Greece

    I didn’t know about Dittany until I went on my first vacation to Crete. It is in the Lamiaceae family plant that I discovered is not only indigenous to that area, but also has medicinal properties that I fell in love with.

    We went for a Greek adventure to get away from the big city, swim in the most amazing seas, and eat the fresh foods that are hard to replicate here. Some areas of the world have spices and herbs that are just not introduced in our country, and I learned about this special one in Crete.

    Dittany (Origanum dictamnus), from the Greek words 'Dikti' and ' Thamus,' means 'the bush of the mountain Dikti.  Dittany grows wild on the mountainsides of Crete, and has quite a story behind it.

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