Anyone who has been following skincare or learning about CBD (cannabidiol); the cannabinoid extracted from the cannabis plant, is excited about the many potentials CBD has for the skin.  I like to call it THE NEW ELIXIR!!!!!  In this blog we are not talking about the tinctures that you take sublingually, or the edibles that are out on the market, but the use of an extracted product from the cannabis plant only by a special factory extraction machine (you cannot make this powder from your garden or dried products).  Once an isolated powder is received, the company using such a hemp extract needs to understand how it is dissolved and which fatty acid oil is used to make it effective as well as the calculation of the amount of CBD milligrams in the product. 

    Hemp Extract, if used in intimate areas can increase blood flow and enhance experiences where needed.  This new rage of skin products (serums and massage oils with Hemp Extract) is popular for every age, every activity without doing harm. 

    We are Certified Aromatherapists, and we understand not only the hemp extract products and what they can do for you, but all the other plant molecules called TERPENES (another blog to understand this coming soon), and how all those terpenes repair skin issues and cell growth.


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