Our unique blends of essential oils are combined for holistic wellness.  We have Roll On's, Inhalers or Aromatherapy Patches.

Unlike perfume, these smells are subtly designed to make you feel better. We offer Essential Oil Roll Ons for various needs, as well as Nose Inhalers with unique essential oil blends that are easy to use, travel well and for those needing aromatherapy without putting oils on your body!

You can read more about our process here, or check out our blog to see how to use the roll-ons properly. We ask that any customers with allergies please carefully examine all of the ingredients listed for each roll-on. 

We recommend our GEMSTONE TOP.  For just $23.00, you will receive an authentic unique gemstone that we have chosen to go with each aromatherapy blend.  The square $15.00 bottle pictured serves well as a REFILL to your gemstone roll on, or even a beginner try.



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