We care what goes on our body! 

We have a holistic approach to the well being of our clients and our aromatherapy skincare line shows it! With our expertise and certification in natural products as well as aromatherapy, we can blend essential oils and carrier oils to make healthy products for all.

The skin is the largest organ in our body. It covers approximately 18 square feet of surface area, weighs about 7 pounds and receives 1/3 of all blood circulating through the body. If your blood is loaded with toxins and waste, the skin will manifest this internal condition. So, If your skin appears healthy, you are probably treating it well internally. We also enjoy treating the external skin well!

The skin absorbs many nutrients and beneficial substances through direct application. Our carrier oils and essential oils are absorbed into the epidermis, and are carried throughout the body - they absorb quickly and do not clog pores!

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