Our perfume blends of essential oils, absolutes, botanical infusions, hydrosols and natural isolates are handmade in small batches to create beautiful aromas without any synthetic chemicals that can be found in many mass-produced perfumes.

Each perfume tells a story as it is applied on your skin from the first scent following all the notes as it dries.


Our training from various natural perfumers in this industry as well as graduating from The Natural Perfumery Institute informs and inspires each of these products.  

The Parfum is a spray that contains perfumer's alcohol, a natural grain alcohol cured for months, with our essential oil blends and botanicals.

The Roll On is alcohol free and contains fractionated coconut oil, aloe oil and jojoba oil combined with our exotic blends of essential oils and botanicals. 


Disclaimer:  Do Not ingest. Use only if 16 years old or older.  If pregnant, consult a doctor before use due to alcohol, essential oils and absolutes, which may contain limonene, citral, linalool, geraniol, farnesol, citronellol, eugenol, coumarin, which are all components of natural essential oils.  A 24 hour skin patch test is recommended before using, and because of it's natural botanicals, it may stain light clothing.

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