LEIANI NATURALS has a NEW LINE, OUR 100% ALL NATURAL SUNSCREEN!!!! Need a very little, highly tested for 8 hour staying power!!!!

We are proud to offer our newest addition to the family......This line Passed the USA 8 Hour and Australian 4 Hour WATER RESISTANCE TESTS, Hypoallergenic and RIPT (Skin Irritation Test).  All SPF testing was done in an FDA Approved Laboratory, and passed each Global Colipa Test(combined SPF and UVA Tests)!!!  ALL NATURAL Ingredients, essential oils and all natural preservatives.  Nothing in this product will you question about putting it on you or family member's skin.

We have an SPF 50+ TINTED 2.5 ounce pump for Face, and an SPF 30+ NON TINTED 3.3 ounce pump for Face & Body.  It is a Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB, Non GMO, Paraben Free, Chemical Free, Gluten Free, Biodegradable=OCEAN & REEF APPROVED, because it leaves zero footprint in protected dive spots, which regulated surf and dive sites restrict sunscreen use, BUT, YOU CAN USE OURS!!!!!!!


Also, we have an AFTER SUN Day - Z Hydrating/Moisturizing Spray, which is perfect after a day in the sun, and the aroma takes you back to the tropics!!!!  A must have for those beach goers.





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