Meet Shira!


Shira has been interested in the properties and benefits of natural products from a young age, as a result of her lifelong battle with skin issues. As a young, sun-loving girl she was extremely sensitive to synthetic products, but unfortunately there were not a lot of natural products on the market then. In her thirties, Shira was diagnosed with Grover's disease, skin cancer and clinical rosacea from the sun damage in her youth. These lifelong difficulties prompted Shira to search for natural skin products to help her skin. After ten years of trying all the products on the market, Shira was inspired to explore her lifelong passion for natural ingredients to gain in-depth knowledge of the raw materials, oils and botanicals used to manufacture products.   

Shira received her Bachelors Degree in Industrial Psychology from University of Massachusetts/Amherst, but now has a Certification of Natural Product Manufacturing and is a Trained Aromatherapist from the American College of Healthcare Sciences.  She is also a Certified Natural Perfumer (read about her perfume journey), from the Natural Perfumery Institute.  Using essential oils for LEIANI's perfume produces a non synthetic perfume, but also combines the use of "aromachology" in their products.

You may have seen Shira seeing clients in the New York Institute of Aromatherapy, where she was mentored by Amy Galper, President of NYIOA, and takes CE classes in the Institute as well as classes from The School for Aromatic Studies  including natural perfumery certificate & a Level 1TEACHING CERTIFICATE in Aromatherapy. 


(see here what AROMATHERAPY means to us)

She has studied The Skin Series & Therapeutic Foundations of Essential Oils with Robert Tisserand, one of the world's leading experts in aromatherapy and essential oil safety. Shira developed her holistic remedies after years of investigating case studies, including her own ailments. She is delighted to share the benefits of aromatherapy for all to enjoy. Shira's work follows her motto, "the aromas surrounding us daily and the substances that are absorbed into the skin are important for long-term health and well being."  

In 2011 Shira founded BLEND Natural-Essential, which in 2015 was renamed LEIANI. The name LEIANI is an anagram of her two children's names, as well as a Hawaiian word meaning 'flower from heaven'. Each product that is created has a story behind its particular blend of botanicals, essential oils and all-natural ingredients. Shira has shared her studies and knowledge with her staff, and is always nearby to assist.  LEIANI was founded to create an aromatherapy line of high-quality natural skincare products that are free of harmful chemical compounds and great for those with sensitive skin.

LEIANI is proud to create products that are animal cruelty-free, natural, environmentally conscious, and mostly organic. LEIANI not only cares about skin, but also about the earth, environment and future of our families!


 Shira presently is a contributor to AROMACULTURE Magazine. 



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