Aromatherapy Inhalers (MANY TYPES)

Aromatherapy Inhalers (MANY TYPES)

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Nose Inhalers are individual blends of oils for specific wellness needs that you do not have to put on your body, you just INHALE, which is the fastest route of getting the oils into your system right away. These are perfect for immediate need of aromatherapy without putting an oil on your skin, or if you do not want to "share" the aroma around your area. Great for any kind of travel too!

**Put a note at checkout as to WHICH BLEND you are interested in, we can tell you what essential oils are in each product by email. (

**Some of the names of the inhaler blends we have on hand:

Immune, Energy, Sleep, Reduce Cravings, Ease, Hectic Times, Focus,

and Motivate/Energize & Breathe

People use these at work, before/after gym, carry in their car, pocketbook or beside your bed and ideal for teachers. 

Please EMAIL us at to order a specific kind, OR JUST put a NOTE at CHECKOUT as to which INHALER you want to ORDER. 

We can send you via EMAIL the INGREDIENTS of each blend you choose if needed!!!!

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of essential oils (usually about 5 or more pure & organic essential oils).  We can send you a list of ingredients with the inhaler or prior to purchase.