Aromatherapy Roll Ons (MANY TYPES)

Aromatherapy Roll Ons (MANY TYPES)

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Our unique blends of essential oils are combined for holistic wellness. 

Please EMAIL us at to order a specific kind, OR JUST put a NOTE at CHECKOUT as to which ROLL ON you want to ORDER. 

Unlike perfume, these smells are subtly designed to make you feel better. We offer Essential Oil Roll Ons or even a 5 ml of a pure essential oil blend for your home diffuser for various needs with unique essential oil blends that are easy to use.

Some of the names of the Roll On blends (or 5 ml bottle diffuser blends) on hand:

Blemish, Sleep, Ache, Focus, Moody, Pest, Doggie, Immune, Relax, Tension, PMS.

NOTE: the price of $15.00 is for ONE Roll On.

Price of 5 ml diffuser blend bottle per discussion via email.

We can send you via EMAIL the INGREDIENTS of each blend you choose if needed!!!!

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of essential oils (usually about 5 or more pure & organic essential oils in an organic carrier oil like jojoba, aloe, or fractionated coconut oil.  We can send you a list of ingredients with the roll on or prior to purchase.