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Get up to 8 hours of relief while breathing in essential oils. 

The patch will last for 8 hours, through a timed-release design.  This customized Inhalation patch is a safe delivery system for using natural essential oils.  

It does not need to touch your skin, you can wear it on your skin or adhere it to your clothing. BRING IT ON A LONG PLANE TRIP or CAR RIDE!

This patch is inhalation only, no oils reach the skin due to an occlusive barrier. 

It has an adhesive, hypoallergenic medical grade hydrogel.  This makes it one of the safest method for using essential oils, especially if you do not want to roll on oils on your skin, or you want to use essential oils discreetly!!!

It's a ONE TIME use patch!

Leiani Naturals will work with you as to what essential oils to fill in the patch.  (depends on what you are looking for like focusing, sleeping, concentration, headaches or anxiety) 

You can try 1 for $9.00, but please EMAIL US to discuss BLEND!

When we get your order, we will email you back and forth a blend idea and how to fill it!

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