Customized Aromatherapy Session


Customized Aromatherapy Session
  • $45.00

I can work with you individually with a customized aromatherapy program.  If you are interested in this, please go to the "Book 45 min Appt" section of my website and book an appointment.  Appointments are 45 min long (it can be by phone call, or if you are in the Bergen County New Jersey area we can meet and it includes a discussion of what you are looking for to help you through your well-being, essential oil therapy.

After our discussion, we will come up with a "plan" and then either I will send you the product with a description of why we chose the essential/carrier oils or if we meet in person, you will go home with a customized product, which is included in the first time rate (take home product worth $15 plus), and then subsequent meetings; if needed, will be at a reduced rate, to be negotiated.

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