Face Mask Spray

Face Mask Spray

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Since we are using face masks daily, and sometimes for many hours at a time.....it's necessary to spray the inside of the mask to either freshen it up, or breathe in natural botanical water called a HYDROSOL.   

A Hydrosol, which is the water that comes from the essential oil distillation process is effective like the properties of essential oils, BUT VERY GENTLE and do not need to be diluted! The hydrosols used are to help with immunity & uplifting properties, but not be too strong for your olfactory system.  THIS IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR SANITIZER, as It doesn't contain 70% Alcohol!

Not only will a few spritzes make your face mask wearing experience better, but also the hydrosols used provides the added benefits (see below) of being a natural antiseptic, antiviral and it also detoxifies, and helps keep the skin less irritated!


Peppermint Hydrosol:

-Refreshing,  Mental Clarity, Focus, & Natural Astringent. 

Chamomile Hydrosol:

-Calming Skin Irritation, Soothing for Itchy Skin & Naturally Moisturizing.

Lemongrass Hydrosol:

-Natural Astringent, Natural Antioxidant, & Alertness.

Simply spray one spritz in your mask and let it dry for a few seconds.  If wearing your mask for extended hours at work or on a hike, you may need to spray more during the day.  This spray is ALSO nice to spray around your car if driving a while and need to have more focus or alertness (since we are doing more road trips instead of flying these days).

It comes in a light weight 2 ounce plastic bottle that is easy to keep in a small pouch or even keep in your car.