(SPF 50+)Sun Day - Z Tinted Face


(SPF 50+)Sun Day - Z  Tinted Face
  • $36.00

COMING SOON!!!!!  You can pre-order by contacting us at https://leianinatural.com/pages/contact-us


100 % All Natural TINTED Sunscreen in a pump for your FACE SPF 50, Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB and OCEAN REEF FRIENDLY (Our product will leave zero footprint in oceans and reefs)!!!!!!!! 

Look at all the products online......look at their ingredients.....then, look at OUR INGREDIENTS: We only have 16 ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS!  CHEMICAL FREE, NATURALLY TINTED, PARABEN FREE, GLUTEN FREE, HYPOALLERGENIC, NO SYNTHETICS, rated zero on RIPT test, Clinical Tested for USA 8 hour water resistance & Australian 4 hour test, and all natural preservatives. 


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