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Aromatherapy PRODUCTS & Consulting

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What We Can Do for YOU!

Make Personal Products

Our unique blends of essential oils are combined for holistic wellness.  We have roll ons, inhalers, patches or blends for your personal home diffuser.

Unlike perfume, essential oils are much more complex substances.  When applied or inhaled, they can have pharmacological and psychological effects. The efficacy of absorption depends on the mode of administration.  We can discuss what is best for you.

We ask that any customers with allergies please let us know right away before we make a product for you.

Train & Educate

Do you need help finding a product that caters to your individual needs? Or maybe you just want to know more about the benefits of aromatherapy or Hemp? We do workshops for schools, camps, adult groups, SPA's or wellness places.(contact us at

LEIANI has an accredited, certified therapeutic aromatherapist who is also an RA ™, certified teacher in aromatherapy Level 1 as well as a certified natural product manufacturer on staff. If you have any questions about aromatherapy or our line of products don't hesitate to ask!  A LEIANI Staff member will get back with you shortly!

Natural Perfumery

One of our love of using essential oils is making natural perfumes.  Essential oils are picked by their base, middle (heart), and top notes of their aromas.  It takes a lot of trial and error to blend for a beautiful scent.  Also, the time the oils need to meld together is months.  

Keep checking in to see which scents are available. If you are interested in an all natural perfume, contact us and we can discuss what we have in stock.

Article on the Journey

Private Consultations

Meet Owner of Leiani LLC


I purchased "Moody" (a gentle roll-on) in the midst of a horrid house renovation. At that time, I felt exhausted, moody and anxious. The moment "Moody" touched my skin I felt an incredible difference. Its mood-lifting properties helped me find a much needed emotional balance.
I must say that "Moody" has become my daily "companion." A very clever mix of essential oils and this sophisticated gentle smell combined with an easy roll-on applicator definitely put end to my negative emotions. I recommend it without any hesitation.


Being a woman in my 60's can be challenging with regard to many things, one being maintaining my skin quality. I have tried many products over the year being very careful to make sure I understand what goes into the ingredients, because to me that matters.
This product by far has had an impact on my complexion like no other products I have used and believe me I have used only organic and responsible products.
My skin feels amazingly soft and dewy, my pores appear smaller and I feel so fresh and clean afterwards!
No chances taken here, just enjoy this lovely cleanser.


The Best Face Toner Ever!!!

I love all of my Leiani products but the face toner is my absolute favorite. It leaves my skin looking and feeling moisturized, smooth and bright all day long. It’s smells absolutely delicious as well!


Awesome products!

If you want your skin to glow then use these products.
Thanks from Copenhagen, Denmark


Highly Recommended Aromatherapy Roll On "SLEEP"

In the past I have had trouble sleeping, and this product is the only natural way that has worked on helping me fall asleep! I take it on every vacation as well!!!! Great Product!


"Please Sleep" Inhaler actually got me to sleep!

I was going through a bout of insomnia a few weeks back which caused many sleepless nights. I reached onto my side table and picked up my "Please Sleep" inhaler. After a few deep breaths, the aromas actually caused me to relax which helped me sleep all night. Best night sleep ever! I keep the inhaler right by my side at night from then on.


LOVE Hip Hibiscus Lotion!

One of my favorites of Leiani! Such a great moisturizer for your whole body!


I used the hemp oil consultation services with Shira regarding my aging mother.  She was so supportive and knowledgeable that she put me at ease right away. The added aromatherapy inhaler called "ease" helped her anxiety. I highly recommend Leiani Naturals!